“Peak Performance for Recruiters”


Right now, bottom lines are being affected by a recruitment consultant stressing about doing another deal, choosing to avoid business development and questioning their purpose in life as they scramble to hit KPIs

ChasingSummits exists to solve this



With awareness growing around the importance of wellness, there comes a new sense of responsibility for Recruitment leaders to drive performance without sacrificing mental & physical health.

We heard this and realised that other Wellbeing consultancies were challenged to come up with ideas that understood the specific business demands of the recruitment life cycle, in language recruiters, will hear.



ChasingSummits has created bespoke Wellbeing workshops and performance coaching programmes, utilising tools used at the forefront of human performance, to not only help those in recruitment improve their mental and physical health but to also aid business leaders in building teams that are full of energy and thrive under pressure.


Our Organisation

Based in Old St, London, ChasingSummits is a subsidiary of the ChasingProjects Group, which is an enterprise of organisations, founded in 2015, focussing on wellbeing, performance and communications, across Europe, America and ASIA.


“ChasingSummits have been helping Nicoll Curtin for 18 months to both drive performance and improve consultants’ wellbeing and resilience. Through one to one performance coaching and workshops”

— CEO, JAMES johnson